Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Teeth can become damaged by dental decay, accidents, discolouration, and prior dental treatments. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped, custom-made 'cap' that is placed over a tooth, either for protection or cosmetic enhancement. 

Dental crowns are used to restore a tooth's shape, size and strength, as well as improving its overall appearance.  A crown is often recommended when more than 50% of the tooth structure is broken-down, when the tooth is vulnerable to cracking, or when it simply cannot be restored with conventional dental materials.

Dental crowns are usually recommended for severe decay, injury or broken teeth. They’re also used to rebuild your tooth following root canal treatment.

Dental crowns are shaped to look just like natural teeth, fitting over the top of injured teeth to repair existing damage and prevent future problems. Not only will they improve the function of your teeth, but they also look incredibly realistic.

What does dental crown treatment involve?

Your dental crown will be made just for you, using the latest techniques and highest quality materials. All of our crowns are handcrafted from porcelain or ceramic to provide a natural appearance and enduring results.

In the past, dental crowns relied heavily on metal frames, which can sometimes be seen at the gum line and become more apparent as your gums naturally recede with age. Thankfully we now have the option of metal-free crowns for a more aesthetic result.

At Tower Dental we may recommend a crown to:

  • Replace a large filling when there isn’t enough tooth remaining]
  • Protect a weak tooth from fracturing
  • Restore a fractured tooth
  • Attach a bridge
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Cover a discoloured or poorly shaped tooth
  • Cover a tooth that has had root canal treatment

How many appointments will you need?

Fitting a crown requires at least two appointments. During your first visit, the tooth is prepared for the crown, an impression or mould is made of the tooth, and a temporary crown is placed over the prepared tooth. At the subsequent visit, the temporary crown is removed and the final crown is fitted and adjusted and cemented into place.

How long does a crown last?

Predicting the life expectancy of a dental crown is extremely challenging. Many factors affect their longevity: your oral hygiene, how often you visit the dentist, the technique used by the dentist, and the biting force applied to the dental crown. Research has shown that the average success rate of a dental crown is between 5 and 10 years. However crowns can last more than 20 years.

If you would like to know a bit more about having a dental crown done we invite you to come to see us at Tower Dental in Balwyn and we can explain any doubts you may have in a relaxed, personal and friendly environment.

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