Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Sporting accidents are one of the most common causes of dental injury.  Wearing a protective custom-fitted mouthguard whilst playing contact sports can help to avoid dental injuries.  Custom-fitted mouthguards provide a better fit than other varieties, as they are made to suit your individual needs.

The lifetime cost of teeth that are traumatized can be enormous, so prevention of trauma is the best option.

Mouthguards for Children

Many kids experience a dental injury when they’re playing sport.

If your child isn’t keen on the idea of wearing a mouthguard, it can be helpful to point out sports idols who wear one. Most popular sports have star players who wear mouthguards.

Mouthguards can prevent dental injuries regardless of your age, so it’s important for athletes of all ages to consider.

Choosing the right mouthguard

There are two main mouthguard options on the market:

  • Custom-fitted: Constructed and fitted by a dental professional, a customised mouthguard provides the best protection for your teeth. The dentist takes an impression of your teeth and makes a plaster model to get the closest possible fit. The mouthguard needs to be at least 4mm thick, with a cushioning effect that provides protection against impact. It fits snugly so it’s still possible to talk – an important aspect during an intense match.
  • Boil-and-bite: Over-the-counter mouthguards that are self-fitted by immersing in hot water then biting into the mouthguard so it takes the shape of the teeth and mouth. It’s less effective and can be more uncomfortable as it doesn't conform as well to the person’s bite and anatomy of the jaw. However, if you're in a fix, a boil-and-bite mouthguard is better than no mouthguard at all. 

What custom-made mouth guards help to do:

  • Provide maximum protection by cushioning teeth, jaws and surrounding soft tissue against impact. Mouth guards both absorb and distribute the force of an impact.
  • Protect individual teeth and reduce the chance of teeth being knocked out.
  • Reduce soft tissue injury – as the teeth are covered by the mouth guard and there is less chance of teeth going through lips, biting tongues or inner cheeks.
  • Allow athletes to breathe easy as they stay in place and fit snugly around your teeth
  • Reduce the chance of bone fractures and concussion.

Looking after your custom-made mouth guard

  • Mouth guards should be rinsed after use with cold water and stored away from direct heat in the mouth guard box provided.
  • Regularly check your mouth guard for any defects/wear facets to ensure maximum protection.
  • Mouth guards for children should be checked regularly for fit, especially during the growing years where baby teeth are being lost, adult teeth are erupting and jaws are changing.
  • Children generally need a new mouth guard every season during these times. Your Dentist can check the fit of your child’s mouth guard at their regular 6 monthly check up.

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