Gum/Periodontal Disease

Are you experiencing bleeding gums when brushing or flossing? Do you notice redness, swelling or bad breath? Do you feel some of your teeth are loose?

All of these are signs and symptoms of periodontal disease, which are infections of the gum. If left untreated, periodontal disease will gradually destroy the supporting gum tissue and bone of your natural teeth. This will lead to looseness of teeth and eventual tooth loss. Healthy gums and healthy teeth should not bleed when brushing or flossing!

Specialist periodontal treatment is necessary in patients with advanced gum diseases. Gum disease requiring specialist treatment involves the dedicated removal of bacteria underneath the gums. Careful diagnosis, skill and treatment of periodontal disease by a Specialist Periodontist will give your teeth and gums the best outcome. 

Our staff can organise an appointment for consultation with a Specialist Periodontist (Gum Specialist).

What will happen at my consultation appointment with the Periodontist?

Your first visit will be a consultation. This will involve the Periodontist taking a detailed history of your complaint followed by a thorough examination of your gums. It may be necessary to take some X-rays of certain teeth. Once we have all of this information, you will be provided with a personalised plan. Your consultation lasts between 45-60 minutes and usually no treatment will be carried out at this appointment.

How can I treat my gum disease?

There is no cure for gum disease, but the disease can usually be managed to reduce or even prevent further damage. Your initial periodontal treatment aims to remove the calculus (tartar) from within the pockets below the gum line (root surface debridement). This involves the careful use of finely powered hand operated cleaning instruments against the surfaces of the specific tooth. To reduce any discomfort during your treatment we typically use a local anesthetic to numb your gums. Periodontal treatment is usually carried out over several appointments. The number of appointments you will need depends on the severity and extent of your gum disease. If you have a more aggressive form of gum disease you may also benefit from a short course of antibiotics alongside or after your treatment. In some cases where a prognosis for a tooth is extremely poor, extraction may be advised. An extraction may be a suitable option if a tooth is very loose. There are also surgical options to manage your gum disease should root surface debridement alone not be sufficient. We will also instruct you on the best methods to clean your teeth and gums as treatment will be more effective if you clean your teeth carefully on a daily basis.

What will happen if I don’t seek any treatment?

If left untreated, the pockets may deepen and the bone loss can progress. This may lead to teeth feeling loose, repeated gum infections, and eventual loss of teeth. What are the benefits of having periodontal treatment? After periodontal treatment your gums will become healthier, which will help you keep your teeth longer. Improvements will depend on how good you clean your teeth and the initial extent of your gum disease. If before the treatment your gums bleed or are swollen, this should improve. You may also notice your breath feeling much fresher.

Top tips to prevent gum disease

  • Visit your Tower Dental Dentist regularly for check-ups and teeth cleaning so any issues with your gums can be picked up early
  • Brush your teeth twice daily
  • Clean in between your teeth with floss or interdental brushes paying special attention to the back teeth
  • Don’t stop brushing or flossing if your gums bleed
  • If you smoke, try and stop as there’s a link between smoking and gum disease
  • Let your dentist know about any medical conditions you have such as diabetes- they can assess if your condition might prevent your body from fighting gum disease and make recommendations

For more information or if you think you have gum disease come and see us today. Our periodontist in Balwyn will be more than happy to discuss treatment options with you. 

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